Abiding in Wisdom - Silent Retreat on the Heart Jewel Practice Following the Blessing Empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa | 29 Oct - 1 Nov



The teacher of this retreat is Kelsang Luma. With over a decade of experience as a teacher of modern Buddhism in The New Kadampa Tradition, Kelsang Luma is well-loved for her humble nature, energy, and joy in sharing Buddha’s teachings. Her practical and uplifting approach makes meditation and Buddhism accessible to all. 


Abiding in Wisdom - Silent Retreat on the Heart Jewel practice Following the Blessing Empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa

Be guided in silent retreat on the attainments of the stages of the path and the seven types of wisdom, in conjunction with the Heart Jewel practice.

This special break away gives us a chance to gain deep experience of the essential practice of Kadampa Buddhism, as well as enjoy inspiration, silence and inner peace.

Note: This retreat follows the Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment weekend with Gen Kelsang Rabten. Bookings for these events are separate. To book to attend the weekend event please click here. 


Event Information.

KMC Australia | 25 McCarthy Road, Monbulk

Lunch and dinner are included in the retreat booking. If you have booked accommodation, breakfast will also be included. 

Please note, we have made some changes to the meals that we serve during events. 
  1. All meals served will now be vegan with some non-vegan options such as yoghurt available on the side. 
  2. We can no longer guarantee allergen free meals or cater to individual dietary requirements. Our meals mainly use ingredients which are wheat free or gluten free, however there are times that the meal will contain traces of wheat or gluten, or the side dish is, for example, bread.

Bookings close 24 hours prior to the event starting. To join the waiting list if in-person option is sold out, contact us here. 

Belgrave station shuttle available If you need a pick-up or drop-off service, $15 per person per trip. To book please contact us here. 

Retreat Timetable.

Sun 29th Oct
Registration | 5.30pm
Dinner | 6pm
Session 1 | 7.30 - 8.30pm
Monday 30th Oct
Session 2 | 9 - 10am
Session 3 | 11am - 12pm
Lunch | 1pm
Session 4 | 4 - 5pm
Dinner | 6pm
Session 5 | 8 - 9.15pm
Tuesday 31st Oct
Session 6 | 9 - 10am
Session 7 | 11am - 12pm
Lunch | 1pm
Session 8 | 4 - 5pm
Dinner | 6pm
Session 9 | 8 - 9.15pm
Wednesday 1st Nov
Session 10 | 9 - 10am
Session 11 | 11am - 12pm
Lunch | 1pm