Anger Management - Dandenong Ranges | Wk 2: 7 Dec


with Daisy McClelland

Wednesdays 11am | In-person at KMC Australia 

According to Buddhism of all our negative minds, anger is the most destructive. Yet many believe anger is a force for change, not understanding the destruction it actually causes.

In this course, we’ll learn to become a scientist of our own mind, seeing which states make us peaceful and strong and which cause emotional problems and damage relationships.

We will explore the following and more:

  •     Can you fight for what you believe in without anger?
  •     Does anger create change or does it stifle it?
  •     Is anger a natural part of being human?
  •     Is anger ever justified?

We’ll also learn how meditation can help to reduce our reliance on anger and eventually eradicate it altogether.

Anger Management will also be taught at our local classes:

  • Ballarat: Wednesdays 7.30pm
  • Doncaster: Wednesdays 7pm 
  • Fitzroy North: Thursdays 7pm
  • Hampton: Wednesdays 7pm

For all local class information,  click here.