Anger Management - Dandenong Ranges | Wk 3: 15 Aug


with Gen Kelsang Dornying

Mondays 7.30pm | In-person at KMC Australia (Monbulk) and Online

According to Buddhism, of all our negative minds, anger is the most destructive. Yet many believe anger is a force for change, not understanding the destruction it actually causes. 

In this course, we’ll learn to become a scientist of our own mind, seeing which states make us peaceful and strong and which cause emotional problems and damage relationships. 

We will explore the following and more:

  •     Can you fight for what you believe in without anger?
  •     Does anger create change or does it stifle it?
  •     Is anger a natural part of being human?
  •     Is anger ever justified?

We’ll also learn how meditation can help to reduce our reliance on anger and eventually eradicate it altogether.