The Art of Acceptance | 2 July


Rarely do we examine the world around us in ways that increase our wisdom and peace. For instance, when things go wrong in our life and in our world, we simply regard the situation itself as the problem, and respond with fear, anxiety and even anger. Buddha revealed something very important, he explained that the essence of all human problems is part of the mind that experiences painful feelings. He explained how to stabilise and ultimately dissolve away these feelings, leaving only inner peace and happiness.

On this course, learn these techniques for yourself and be guided in meditation to increasing levels of inner peace and happiness. The ability to experience peace in the face of adversity is the very art of acceptance and ultimately liberates us from all suffering.


The teacher of this course is Damian Auton. Damian is a kind and caring practitioner, who is much loved for his laid-back and easy to relate to teachings.


Event Information.

KMC Australia | 25 McCarthy Road, Monbulk

Bookings close at the time class goes live.  To join the waiting list if in-person is sold out, contact us here. 

 Session Times:
Registration | 10 - 10.20am
Session One | 10.30 - 11.30am
Session Two | 12 - 1pm