Don’t Believe Everything You Think - Silencing the Inner Critic | 6 May


Buddhist teachings (Buddha’s teachings) on self-acceptance show us how to be our own friend, our own teacher and our own guide. However, we are sometimes our own worst enemy, causing ourself much pain and torment. It is not uncommon for people to turn on themselves, spiraling into feelings of hopelessness and self-loathing.

The truth is each and everyone of us has a limitless mind and the potential for deep happiness and self-confidence. In this course, learn to silence the inner critic, realise who you really are, and most importantly, become your own friend, teacher and guide.


The teacher of this course is Natalie Eichelmann. Natalie is based at Kadamapa Meditation Centre Australia in Melbourne where she is greatly admired for her kindness and loving example. Her teachings are clear, straight-forward and relate perfectly to busy modern life.


Event Information.

KMC Melbourne | Ground Floor / 79 - 81 Franklin Street, Melbourne CBD

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Event Session Times.
Registration | 10 - 10.20am
Teaching | 10.30 - 11.30am
Meditation | 12 - 12.45pm
Teaching & Meditation | 2 - 3.15pm