How to Set up a Shrine - Half-Day Workshop | 27 May


If we wish for success in our meditation practice we need to make correct preparations. The inner realizations that arise from meditation depend upon certain inner conditions that we create by engaging in the preliminary practices. Just as a farmer needs to prepare the ground before he plants his crop, so we need to prepare our minds before we can hope to harvest a crop of spiritual realizations.

In this workshop Buddhist teacher Edward Ounapuu will explain how to engage in the preliminary practices of Kadampa Buddhism including setting up a qualified shrine, making water offerings, sitting in the correct meditation posture, making prostrations and offering mandalas. Through receiving these instructions we will develop the confidence needed to practise daily meditation.


The teacher of this course is Edward Ounapuu. Ed is clear and precise in his teachings, blending humour and wisdom into his uplifting presentation of Buddha's instructions.


Event Information.

KMC Melbourne | Ground Floor / 79 - 81 Franklin Street, Melbourne CBD

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 Session Times:
Registration | 1.30 - 1.50pm
Session One | 2 - 3pm
Session Two | 3.30 - 4.30pm