Death: Advice for A Happy Life | Sat 11 May


Event Description.

Meditation on death is said to be a hammer that shatters our delusions of craving and anger, the causes of anxiety and other suffering. It is a powerful means of eliminating both our delusions and our negative actions of body, speech, and mind. To use a more modern metaphor we could say that meditation on death is an explosion that destroys our negativities and eliminates our concern for trivialities.

During this course, visiting teacher Kadam Mick Marcon will explain the meditation on death and how it destroys our attachment to worldly concerns. This cuts through our ordinary anxieties and takes us swiftly to an enjoyable and successful spiritual life.


Kadam Mick Marcon is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Newcastle and Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre on the Central Coast, and has been practising meditation and Buddhism since 2004. With his clear understanding of Buddha’s teachings and down-to-earth manner, Mick inspires us to develop a pure and happy mind.


Event Information.

KMC Melbourne | Ground Floor / 79 - 81 Franklin Street, Melbourne CBD

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Event Session Times.
Registration | 10 - 10.25am
Teaching & Meditation | 10.30 - 11.30am
Teaching & Meditation | 12 - 1pm
Teaching & Meditation | 2.15 - 3.15pm