Living in the Moment - Dandenong Ranges | Wk 2: 13 July


with Daisy McClelland

Wednesdays 11am | In-person at KMC Australia and Online

We all like the idea of living in the moment but what does it actually mean?

The notion of enjoying everything around us and truly appreciating those we care about resonates with most people, but is that your experience? Many of us put off our happiness and wellbeing with the thought ‘I’ll be happy when…’. The result being that we easily become despondent and unable to appreciate anything, even the good things!   

During this course learn how to meditate on impermanence, the special wisdom that realizes there is only the present! Instead of wishing your life away, learn how to create happiness and contentment within.

Living in the Moment will also be taught in Ballarat on Wednesdays 7.30pm. More information here.