Post-Australian Dharma Celebration Retreat | 1 - 3 Apr


Retreat Description.

At this year’s Australian Dharma Celebration we will receive profound blessings, teachings, and inspiration to make our human life truly meaningful.

Extend your experience beyond the celebration by engaging in a few additional days of guided retreat on ‘The New Eight Steps to Happiness’ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, which offers practical insights into Buddhism’s beloved text ‘Eight Verses of Training the Mind’ by Tibetan Bodhisattva Geshe Langri Tangpa.

Nestled amidst natural beauty and captivating views, Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia provides an idyllic setting for retreat.



The teacher of this retreat is Kelsang Luma. With over a decade of experience as a teacher of modern Buddhism in The New Kadampa Tradition, Kelsang Luma is well-loved for her humble nature, energy, and joy in sharing Buddha’s teachings. Her practical and uplifting approach makes meditation and Buddhism accessible to all.


Retreat Information.

KMC Australia | 25 McCarthy Road, Monbulk

Lunch and dinner are included in the retreat booking. If you have booked accommodation, breakfast will also be included.

  • All meals served are vegan with some non-vegan options such as yoghurt available on the side.
  • We cannot guarantee allergen free meals and it is not possible for us to cater to individual dietary requirements. Our meals mainly use ingredients which are wheat free or gluten free, however there are times that the meal will contain traces of wheat or gluten, or the side dish is, for example, bread.

    Bookings close 24 hours prior to the retreat starting. To join the waiting list for accommodation if sold out, please contact us here. 

    Belgrave station shuttle available If you need a pick-up or drop-off service, $15 per person per trip. To book please contact us here. 

    Retreat Timetable.

    Monday 1st Apr
    Registration | 5.30pm
    Dinner | 6pm
    Session 1 | 7.30 - 9pm
    Tuesday 2nd  Apr
    Session 2 | 9 - 10.15am
    Session 3 | 11.30am - 12.45pm
    Lunch | 1pm
    Session 4 | 4.30 - 5.45pm
    Dinner | 6pm
    Session 5 | 7.30 - 8.45pm
    Wednesday 3rd Apr
    Session 6 | 9 - 10.15am
    Session 7 | 11.30am - 12.45pm
    Lunch | 1pm