Weekly Classes.

Dealing with Difficult People.

Weekly meditation classes in Ballarat, Berwick, Brunswick, Collingwood, Elwood, Hampton, Ivanhoe, KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges), KMC Melbourne (CBD) & Mornington

Learn to Meditate

Join Buddhist Nun Kelsang Luma for a three week learn to meditate course at KMC Melbourne (CBD) in Feb. This course is perfect for beginners and starts on the first Wednesday of every month.

Upcoming Courses and Events.

The Journey to Peace: Meditations on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim)

Join us for these monthly lamrim sessions with Gen Kelsang Rabten.

Next Class: 17 Apr | KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges)

Understanding Yourself & Others: How to Thrive in Your Relationships

Workshop with Colleen Isaacs | Sat 20 Apr | KMC Melbourne (CBD)

Meditation & Buddhism for Kids

These classes introduce children to simple Buddhist teachings and meditations designed to help them solve their problems and develop a happy heart.

Next Class: 4 May | KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges)

Prayers for World Peace

Each session offers a brief teaching inspired by the Eight Verses of Training the Mind from “The New Eight Steps to Happiness,” accompanied by prayers and guided meditation.

Held on the first Saturday of every month | KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges)


Silent Weekend Meditation Retreat

Silent Weekend Meditation Retreat with Libby Evans | 26 - 28 Apr | KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges)

Weekend Meditation Retreat

Weekend Meditation Retreat with Maria Mylonas | 17 - 19 May | KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges)

Offering Our Faith Retreat

Offering Our Faith Retreat | 4 June | KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges) and KMC Melbourne (CBD)

New to Meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful so we can find relief from worries and mental discomfort. No prior experience is needed to meditate - everyone is welcome!


"Absolutely love KMC. Wonderful Buddhist teachings, wonderfully calming! Highly recommended! "
— Vicki
"Amazing and very practical teachings. They will provide you with simple tools to transform your life"
— Sonny
"I just came back from the silent retreat and LOVED every minute of it. Anyone would get benefit out of a retreat like this."
— Samantha
"All of the meditation exercises that follow the teachings are perfect for me. Easy enough to do, yet so effective!"
— Kelly
"Meditate in Melbourne gave me a lot of new ideas and views that made my life better"
— Marcus
"I've been attending the Monday night classes for over a year and find them a valued part of my week. I get to hear a refreshing perspective which helps me to make sense of the world and how to keep a peaceful mind. Definitely worth trying."
— Joel
"The teachings are well structured, clear and easy to understand."
— Renee
"Lovely surroundings. Meditation retreat is very well run and easy to follow. So simple yet so profound. Highly recommended."
— Mirna
" I am genuinely impressed with what they offer/teach without any pressure about their religion at all. It was easy to join in for a nervous first timer."
— Martina
"Highly recommended way to find inner peace in these troubled times."
— Ann
"Monday evening classes are the best way to start the week."
— Samantha
"Highly recommend these classes for anyone and everyone "
— Rebecca

"Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible"

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Modern Buddhism.

We offer meditation classes that combine tried and tested techniques for developing inner peace and solving problems with a practical presentation of Buddha’s teachings, relevant to our modern world and daily experiences.

The meaning and intention of Buddha’s original teachings have been preserved while presenting them in a clear and systematic way that anyone of any nationality, age, gender or religion can easily understand and put into practice.