Supreme Ocean of Infinite Good Fortune - Close Retreat | 20 Nov - 17 Dec


If we recite our Spiritual Guide’s mantra with faith, this is far more powerful than reciting any other mantra, and with our mind empowered by our Guru’s blessings we can accomplish anything.

Join us at Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, for a special opportunity to engage in retreat on the name mantra of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. You can engage in this retreat as a formal close retreat, as a preliminary guide retreat or simply attending sessions whenever you are able.

In whichever way we engage in the retreat we will draw closer and closer to our root guru, receive powerful blessings and insights, and create the causes never to be separated from Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka. The benefits of this retreat, both personally and for the flourishing of Kadam Dharma, are unsurpassed.

For those engaging in formal close retreat there will be a group Vajradaka burning offering to conclude the retreat.


The retreat will begin with an introduction with Gen Kelsang Rabten and conclude with Vajradaka burning offerings, led by Kelsang Luma.

Event Information.

Address: KMC Australia | 25 McCarthy Road, Monbulk


  • Fee for non-members: $460 including lunch and dinner
  • Fee for members: $370 including lunch and dinner
  • Fee for members: $100 without meals
  • Accommodation fee is additional to event fee (includes breakfast). 

For members there is a per day option available. Each day is $5 (not including meals). Please email to book individual days.

If you have any questions about the retreat, please contact us here.

Accommodation options are also available at KMC Australia for the retreat. If you would like to book accommodation please contact us here.

Introduction Wed 20 Nov | 8.30pm
with Gen Kelsang Rabten
Dates for counting the mantra Thu 21 Nov - Sun 15 Dec
Vajradaka Burning Offerings Mon 16 & 17 Dec
with Kelsang Luma