Weekly classes - Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia (Dandenong Ranges)

These classes, taught by qualified Buddhist teachers, offer simple, practical methods to improve the quality of our life and develop inner peace through meditation and Buddhist teachings. Classes consist of two guided meditations and a teaching to help us solve our daily problems and find the lasting happiness we seek. Beginners welcome.

Weekly classes at KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges) will be available to view online for centre members. For information on our online classes, please click here.

Class with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten:


Anger Management

with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten

class fee: $15 (free for members)

Monday 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 Oct

According to Buddhism of all our negative minds, anger is the most destructive. Yet many believe anger is a force for change, not understanding the destruction it actually causes.

In this course, we’ll learn to become a scientist of our own mind, seeing which states make us peaceful and strong and which cause emotional problems and damage relationships.

We will explore the following and more:

  • Can you fight for what you believe in without anger?
  • Does anger create change or does it stifle it?
  • Is anger a natural part of being human?
  • Is anger ever justified?

We’ll also learn how meditation can help to reduce our reliance on anger and eventually eradicate it altogether.

This class is taught by Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten - please click here to book.

Current and upcoming Monday evening class courses:

Anger Management | 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Oct
Mindset Reset - The Power of Positive Habits | 6, 13, 20 Nov
The power of love | 27 Nov , 4, 11 Dec

KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges) class schedule:


Living in the Moment

with Kelsang Luma

class fee: $15 (free for members)

Wednesday 30 Aug, 6, 13 Sep

We all like the idea of living in the moment but what does it actually mean? The notion of enjoying everything around us and truly appreciating those we care about resonates with most people, but is that your experience? Many of us put off our happiness and wellbeing with the thought ‘I’ll be happy when…’. The result being that we easily become despondent and unable to appreciate anything, even the good things! 

During this course learn how to meditate on impermanence, the special wisdom that realizes there is only the present! Instead of wishing your life away, learn how to create happiness and contentment within.

Current and upcoming class courses:

Living in the Moment | 20, 27 Sep, 4 Oct

Daily Rituals for Inner Peace | 11, 18, 25 Oct, 1, 8 Nov

Anger Management | 15, 22, 29 Nov, 6, 13 Dec

kids classes

Meditation & Buddhism for Kids

at KMC Australia (Dandenong Ranges)

Dates: 7 Oct, 18 Nov & 2 Dec

10 - 11.30am | with Beth O'Brien | class fee : $6

These classes introduce children to simple Buddhist teachings and meditations designed to help them solve their problems and develop a happy heart.

Every class will emphasise loving kindness and cultivating a positive mind. Classes also include simple prayers, fun activities and discussions relevant to their everyday experiences. 

Classes are self-contained so it is easy for parents to bring their kids whenever they wish.

Suggested age: 5-10 years.

Please Note: Due to a change in our class schedule kids classes will no longer be running in the city as previously advertised. We apologise for any inconvenience.